Here is a list of the theme they skated to during their amateur years:

1991-1992 Season :
OD: Polka "Don't Cry"
FD: "Beetlejuice" (Danny Elfman, Soundtrack) /"The Witches of Eastwick"

1992-1993 Season
FD: "Orpheo Negro" (Samba) [NHK Trophy]
FD: "Orpheo Negro" (Samba)(Guitar Featured) [World]

1993-1994 Season
OD : A day in the Life of a Fool
FD: "Top hat, Shall We Dance, Swing Time, Follow the Fleet"
EX: Nessun Dorma

1994-1995 Season
OD: Down for the double Reno > > ex: Do Right Woman
FD: "The little man who wasn't there, Echoes of Harlem, Romping"
EX: "Why don't you do right" from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", [Reno] Do Right Woman

1995-1996 Season
OD : Gypsy folk dances
FD: Kalinka
EX: "Who Fell Rodger Rabbit"? [Champion Series Final]

1996-1997 Season
OD: "Adios Nonino" (Astor Piazzolla)
FD: "Whistle Hora"/ "The Two Guitars" / "Dvie Guitary"
EX: "Schindler's List" sound track (John Williams)

1997-1998 Season
OD: Great Balls of Fire
FD: Riverdance (Bill Whelan)

Music Informations given by Pat C.

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